Dynamix Mapper

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High-precision aerial 3D maps using SLAM.


Structure From Motion

Process high definition images or video and create a high precision 3D point cloud. Different types of drones supported Can be used with other digital imaging devices such as DLSR’s, smartphones, etc. Near real-time processing.


Dense point cloud editing

Comprehensive tools for the editing of point clouds. Split, combine or filter any point cloud. Large point clouds with millions of points supported.

Georeferencing and registration

Georeference point clouds with Ground control points. Register multiple point clouds from different sources such as LiDAR, photogrammetry and Dynamix Mapper.

Sensor fusion

Import sensors data from the drone and improve the accuracy of the generated 3D map. Multiple sensor data format are supported such as DJI products and Pixhawk autopilot series.

CAD tools

Build-in tools for distance measurement, area and volume calculation. Export result data to multiple formats such as txt or DXF.


Integrated tool for contour generation. There are supported options for contour distance, step, initial height, etc.


Generate mesh from any point cloud with our innovative algorithm for fast mesh creation. Select resolution, details and scale factor. Export to obj or stl.

Elevation profile

Calculate the elevation profile between any number of points. Online point selection and evaluation. Create a point cloud belt from the elevation profile.

contour & mesh generation

Contour & Mesh Generation

Contour & Mesh Generation